Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and Groupo Televisa Scale New Heights

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero who is the CFO of Groupo Televisa has been responsible for taking it to ever new heights. Under Salvi, Rafael Viadero Groupo Televisa has become among the most prominent media companies, in so far as the production of Spanish audio visual content is concerned.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has also ensured that Groupo becomes a major cable operator as well as satellite pay tv player. Other major players on the media scene include TV Azteca, Nexos and Proceso, the latter two being prominent Mexican magazines. Successful as these media houses might be, they are quite not in the league of Groupo Televisa for the simple reason that they don’t have a Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero guiding them.

In the cultural scene, it is Letras Libres, though they too could have done even better if they had a marketing brain like Salvi, Rafael Folch Viadero to guide them. Another magazine that is doing pretty well is Gatopardo whose specialty is hard hitting stories.

All the same, if Groupo Televisa is ruling the roost, it would be really remiss to not attribute the success to Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, the chief financial officer. His vast experience as a corporate honcho would have surely helped. From Vice President of Financial Planning at Groupo and Executive Director and Director of Commerce Finance Mas, Sa de CV to Vice President of Banking Supervision of the Superintendency of Banks and the National Commission his profile carries a lot of heft.

His stewardship of Groupo Televisa is a textbook study of how a media company can be made to outperform expectations year after year. The coming years are certainly going to be even more fruitful for Groupo Televisa under the guidance of Viadero, if past performance is anything to go by.


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