An Overview of Career Profile of Glen Wakeman

After a very successful career in the financial industry for more than 20 years, Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015. Glen attended University of Scranton and earned a BS in Economics and Finance in 1981. He joined the University of Chicago for his MBA in Finance. The financial executive kick-off his career at GE Capital where he was in charge of business development and P&L. During his tenure at GE, Glen Wakeman was honored as a Growth Leadership mentor by the firm’s Board of Directors for achieving great success (NewsSky).


Mr. Wakeman was then hired at Doral Financial Corporation, where he moved up the corporate ladder to become the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of Doral Bank. During the course of his career as an entrepreneur and mentor, Glen has transformed enterprises with 17,000 plus employees and approximately $15 billion in assets to successful growth and expansion. Glen Wakeman’s expertise includes mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, exponential growth and others.


As an established investor, Mr. Glen Wakeman has shared some insightful thoughts by posting regular blogs on emerging markets, global fiscal matters, strategy, leadership, and administration among others. Glen mentored several C-level executives and he is the current advisor to Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees, both start-ups. Before he left GE, Glen had founded Nova Four, an accelerator that provided advice to start-up businesses on how to access capital.


Glen Wakeman has the passion of assisting businesses to grow and to help top executives improve their individual ability. He proven methodology focuses on leadership, governance, execution, human capital, and risk management. Currently, Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a software development firm specializing in providing online solutions to entrepreneurs in their early stages of development. The firm assists emerging entrepreneurs to make their dream a reality. Under the leadership of Glen Wakeman, the firm has designed LaunchPad ToolKit to provide insightful guidance to entrepreneurs as they plan to start their business ventures. After living in six different nations and overseeing operations in 30 countries, Glen Wakeman has proven his potential in the financial industry.

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