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Eli Gershkovitch Accomplishments in Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Canadians love their beer, maple syrup, beaver, and healthcare. Craft beer makes approximately $9 billion annual sales in Canada. In the recent past, there have been significant improvements in Canadian craft beer game. However, craft brewers such as Granville Island and Creemore Springs have been absorbed by large global companies. Small brewers in Canada are also introducing their brands to the market. The exchange rates in Canada are also pocket-friendly to locals and foreigners.



Propeller IPA is an award winning beer that makes Canada famous for craft beer. The beer has a strong caramel flavor. Additionally, its smoothness makes it attractive to most people. Its toned-down bitterness is a feature that is attractive to both IPA haters and lovers. Since the beer is popular, it can be bought from most beer stores in Canada.


The Pump House Blueberry Ale is a fruit beer that is still popular in Canada. The challenging thing about fruit beers is that they tend to taste like juices than beer. However, Pump House Blueberry stands out from other fruit beers because its taste is unique. It tastes like beer even though it has a scent like that of blueberry muffins.

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout is also a famous Canadian craft beer. The McAuslan Brewery located in Montreal produces a dark and sweet beer that is also relatively light as compared to other brands. This beer is good for winter even though people consume it all year round. The beer is sold in different parts of Canada.


Party Animal is also another favorite craft beer brand in Canada. The beer has an excellent taste. The beer also makes people feel like partying all night long ( The beer is somehow hoppy thus making it a favorite of most people. Party Animal is also sweet and fruity.


Eli Gershkovitch is the chief executive of Steamworks Group. Eli aims at growing his company to meet consumer demands. Eli Gershkovitch has more than twenty years of experience in craft beer. He has thus learned a lot from the challenges he has faced. His focus on local market has enabled his company to grow exponentially.



Eli Gershkovitch studied law but took a break from it as soon as he graduated. He explored French Alps and took art classes. Eli Gershkovitch started learning about a particular Belgian beer that grew his interest in beer. He first visited a microbrewery in Germany which as a great experience for him because he discovered a lot of impressive things.