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Tracing Cassio Audio’s Legendary Rock Music Career in Brazil

Building a successful career in music takes more than talent. While it is impossible to get famous and rich overnight, it is equally impossible to be successful without taking action to grow your career. It is a progressive process and entails more than just creating music: it requires a lot of effort, support, and dedication from the musician (and/or his or her band).

In Brazil, one musician with exciting musical career that’s worth investigating is Cassio Audi. Audi’s musical career can be traced back from 1985 to the beginning of 1990. During this period, the musician is cited to have earned a lot of fame and respect among the Brazilian Rock Music enthusiasts. While there isn’t a lot of information on the finer details of Audi’s gallant musical career, credible sources have confirmed that he belonged to a four-man band, Viper.

When Audi and his band started, rock music wasn’t famous in Brazil as it is today as there was little westernization influence at the time. With time, however, many Brazilians began to appreciate them because of the excellent drumming effects that characterized their music. In fact, Viper’s fame grew over the country in a considerably short life span, courtesy of Audi’s drumming passion and dedication to his band. Audi took other active roles in the Viper band as a composer and a co-vocalist—a further evidence of his dedication to the band.

Viper’s rise to fame wasn’t that smooth as they received constant attacks from their critics. However, they braved it and their fame grew not only in Brazil but beyond the borders as well. They won more and more fans due to their electric performances, and Cassio Audi’s excellent drumming skills became the center of attraction.

Despite their success, Cassio finally bowed out from the limelight when he opted to pursue a career in finance. Nonetheless, he still remains a legend in the country’s rock music industry as not only a top drummist but also vocalist.