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How Life Line Screening Can Help People Catch Health Problems Early

Finding a medical problem in its earliest stages will provide the best outcomes in resolving it. Life Line Screening is a company which offers to do just this for people across the United States. They offer preventative screening events which are looked over by certified doctors for any issues that may be going on for a person. This screening information can then be shared with the person’s primary care physician who can come up with a plan to address the issue with their patient.

The Center for Disease Control says that chronic disease is the cause of about 70% of all deaths each year. The number one killer is cardiovascular disease which kills many people and it can largely be avoided through the patient changing their habits. By eating better and getting more exercise they can live years longer than they otherwise will. By getting a health screening they will become aware of their progressing cardiovascular disease and will hopefully make the lifestyle changes necessary to reverse it.

At a health screening event, Life Line Screening will run a number of tests on each person that can catch a variety of signs of disease. Among the tests they run are an ultrasound screening. This type of test can spot osteoporosis, heart abnormalities, peripheral arterial disease, and other conditions.

A blood screening is also one of their procedures. These can show things such as high cholesterol and liver disease. It can also reveal the signs of Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is a quick finger stick which is relatively painless to have done. For more info about us: click here.

Finally, Life Line Screening performs limited electrocardiograph testing, often known as an EKG. These monitor heart rhythms and can show irregular heartbeats or atrial fibrillation. These can be indicators of blood clots or heart failure. They can also reveal the risk of person suffering a stroke.

The screenings that Life Line Screening provides are operated by healthcare professionals who are both experienced and well trained. The results of the tests are usually available the same day as the tests are run. Sometimes they need to be mailed out but that occurs within 15 days.