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An Examination of Wikipedia and the “Get Your Wiki” Service

In this day and age, one particular sign that will tell you that you have “made it” would be if you make a Wikipedia page. If you are a business, an individual, non-profit, or a notable entity, having a Wikipedia page can be a huge marketing ploy and an incredible asset. One of the major questions, though, would be in just how you would create this page? Surprisingly, it can be more difficult than you think. So, if you are looking to create a Wikipedia page then the website can create a professional page for you on this powerful and well-known website. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that will help you create only the best Wikipedia page. They will create, edit, update and monitor your Wikipedia page. 

Hiring Wikipedia writers from Get Your Wiki guarantee that the page will be approved by the website or they will give you your money back. They also guarantee that the page will rank within the top three in the search results, and that the Wikipedia page will power Google’s knowledge draft as well. The professionals that are aligned with this service also realize that creating your Wikipedia page is valueless if they simply abandon you after the Wikipedia business page creation. That is why they also monitor the page, ensuring that the Wikipedia page is not altered with malicious information. 

Wikipedia as an entity has itself been in existence for 15 years. There are a number of interesting facts about the iconic website, including the fact that the website was actually founded by Jimmy Wales in conjunction with Larry Sanger. The website has never utilized ads on its interface, and it has many dedicated writers who are looking to influence knowledge for literally a billion users or more. Interestingly enough, the most viewed articles of Wikipedia for the year of 2015 were those that were related to movies. 

Yet another interesting tidbit about Wikipedia is the fact that the website is available in 300 languages. However, there is a caveat involved in this. At a recent forum, it was revealed that 165 of these languages actually have less than 5 contributions and 65 of the language Wikipedia sites do not have any at all. Another factor to consider is that the volunteer model of the website usually doesn’t work in the poorer countries either. However, Jimmy Wales and the rest of the Wikipedia staff are committed to providing an encyclopedia for everyone in their own language.