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End Citizens United Hits Stride With Huge Quarterly Numbers

For nearly the past decade Washington D.C. has been beholden to a new level of dark money and special interests in the political machine. Thanks to a Supreme Court decision regarding campaign finance reform and a conservative group, special interests have essentially had free reign with which to buy politicians to push them toward their own special causes. Dark money is a gigantic issue that attacks the very foundation of democracy and that is why a political action committee called End Citizens United has been so successful as of late drawing in supporters, raising money, and creating a verified resistance.


End Citizens United is a PAC that was created by Tiffany Muller in order to combat the rising tide of dark money in politics. Her efforts have not been alone and, in fact, she isn’t even the first person to create a PAC to combat Citizens United. However, many of these other political action committees have failed because they don’t have a concrete plan of action and a road map to success. Muller does and End Citizens United has been so much more successful as a result. End Citizens United plans to raise awareness of dark money in politics while also backing politicians who can help, one day, to bring about legislative change to the Supreme Court decision. Her ultimate goal is to get a constitutional amendment passed that completely wipes clean the Citizens United decision, thus making her PACs name a reality: End Citizens United.


In order to get to those successful levels, however, End Citizens United has needed to find a ton of money from fundraisers and contributors who are equally passionate about the cause. End Citizens United can thank, oddly enough, the election of Donald Trump for instigating much of their activity. Muller says that Democrats are “furious” that Trump won and they are ready to put everything out there in order to fight back against his swampy agenda. Since taking office President Trump has flooded the White house with special interests, corporate cronies, and lobbyists. Dark money is running amok and the country is at risk as a result.


The first quarter of 2017 saw End Citizens United raise nearly $4 million, almost doubling up their efforts from 2016 for the same time frame. End Citizens United has the goal of raising $35 million total in order to make a splash when 2018 rolls around. End Citizens United wants to be a position that they can help to fund the campaigns of politicians who are willing to go out and fight the Citizens United decision. Over 100,000 people have donated to the cause in the first quarter of 2017 and those numbers will only skyrocket going forward.