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Mr. José AuriemoNeto is the Undisputed Leader in Real Estate Business

Sao Paulo, the largest real estate market in Brazil is used by most analysts to understand the state of the property industry. After a decades-long bubble for Brazilian industry, analysts say that the market is regaining its momentum. The price fluctuation in the last several years highly affected most real estate companies and only a few survived the economic tides. JHSF is among the enterprises that were able to remain stable during the crisis. The company specializes in offering high-end real estate products to its clients. It has tremendously grown since it was founded. José AuriemoNeto is the current chief executive officer and chairman of the company.

About José AuriemoNeto

Mr. José AuriemoNeto joined the JHSF in 1993. During his stay, he helped the company start its first service department by creating the parking lot management company in 1997. The management company known as Parkbem has significantly contributed to the diversification and expansion of JHSF. José AuriemoNeto became the CEO of the company in 2006. His dedication and hard work have seen the company become one of the most successful real estate businesses in Brazil. The company focuses on developing luxurious commercial and residential properties within Brazil. The company also has interests in office buildings, hotels, and public developments projects. His strong leadership skills helped Mr. Jose to secure the rights for starting the first destination shopping center; Shopping Santa Cruz built in 1998.

José AuriemoNeto graduated from one of the prestigious university in Sao Paulo, Fundação Armando University, before starting his career. The urge to be in the real estate industry began while he was still young. He closely worked with his father who was also in the industry. He was able to learn so much, and by the time he got his first job, he was way ahead than most of his ‘experienced’ colleagues. He is a dedicated and a strategic person who understand the importance of business diversification. He oversaw the enterprise enter into retail business after signing an agreement with Jimmy Choo in 2009. Three years later, Mr. Jose helped the company secure a second partnership with Valentino chain stores. Today, the two companies own stores spread across Brazil.


Workville NYC Offers Luxury Accommodations for Their New York Shared Office Space


It comes as no surprise that most people perform better when placed in a social environment. This was shown to be true in a recent article that detailed how people applied themselves more to their job when working in a shared office space. The ability to work side-by-side with others helps create a professional atmosphere more conducive to completing projects. The article highlighted the main benefits people received when working in a shared space. One of the more surprising benefits people mentioned having was an elevated sense of purposefulness. People who would have normally worked independently of others found more meaning in the work they completed when surrounded by their peers.

Independent workers who chose to work in shared office spaces also found they enjoyed the professional atmosphere of being in an office setting without having to deal with all of the office politics. People in this type of work environment found they were better able to reach out to one another for help. They also felt they had more control over the job they were completing when working in a shared environment.


Luxury Offices with Magnificent Views

Workville New York shared office space not only provides working environments for people who want to experience co-working in a shared office space, but they also provide the utmost in comfort. Located within a five minute walk to area restaurants, theaters and shopping, these luxury offices can be found in the heart of Manhattan. Large windows, spacious interiors and modern lighting makes the office space bright and cheerful. The buildings also offer three outdoor terraces with magnificent views of the surrounding city. All of the shared office spaces are fully equipped with contemporary furnishings featuring comfortable seating.

The luxury co-working spaces available through Workville NYC can be leased by the hour, day, week or month. The flexible leasing plans allow people to maintain a work space for the duration of their project. With their 24-hour open door policy they also offer clients the ability to come and go as needed. Each office area has a kitchen style cafe as well as a furnished lounge for those individuals who enjoy socializing with their peers. Additional luxury amenities include fully serviced printers, a daily postal service, a cleaning service and a high-speed Internet service.

A New Way of Selling a Home With Greg Hague

A house is often a person’s most valuable asset. Many people will buy and sell a house at least once in the course of their lifetime. Getting the right price for a house on the market can often make a huge difference in the seller’s life. Even a small pricing difference can make the difference between selling a house at a profit and selling it at a loss. Entrepreneur Greg Hague wants to help change this process and make it easier for all concerned. This is why he has drawn on his many years of experience in the field in order to help provide a revolutionary new home selling method.

Hague explains to potential sellers that they should work with a real estate agent who knows how to generate interest in the property even before it goes on the market. The ideal marketing plan will start by letting agents in the area know that a house is about to come on the market. This helps play into the desire that real estate agents have to offer their clients something new and exciting. Generating excitement helps real estate agents feel very comfortable showing the property even before it is officially placed on the market and into the MLS.

His new company, Real Estate Mavericks, wants to help shape the real estate market and even help revolutionize it. His coaching company works directly with real estate agents to help them understand how the market works and how they can help generate across the board excitement and anticipation for any house that they are going to sell to others. In doing so, the real estate agent can help the agent sell the house faster and for a better price than they might have been able to do so before the use of such methods.

The system that his company helps to provide their agents is one that is entirely focused around the needs of the seller. The seller is the number one priority for him and his team of skilled experts. His loyalty is to his sellers who want to get top price for the house they are selling. This is why his system and the system found at Real Estate Mavericks is designed to meet their needs. The seller takes center stage her at all times. Many real estate sellers have found it useful to take his advice as to how best to sell a property they are bringing to buyers.

He particularly wants to generate an air of anticipation before the house sits on the market. A house that sits on the market, as Hague reminds us, is a house that can seem stale to agents and buyers alike. The trick is to help real estate agents feel as if they are happy selling the house. A house that is on the MLS for a long time is one that may face all kinds price reductions once it sells to a buyer. His method can help avoid this particular selling problem.

Brazilian Real Estate Companies and the Quiet Revolution in Brazil’s Real Estate Market

The past decade has seen a quiet revolution in Brazilian real estate. In the midst of strong economic growth, foreign investors began to look at South American and especially Brazilian real estate markets as a safer bet than in the past. Brazilians who would have previously been more likely to buy a home abroad started to consider purchasing in Brazil as a more viable option. Brazil’s economic growth has led to the expansion of the market, both in Rio and Sao Paulo, as well as in smaller real estate markets.

Spurred on by growing consumer demand and increased foreign confidence, this recent growth has extended into commercial developments, especially shopping malls, and residential real estate. Headquartered in Rio’s Tijuca neighborhood, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, found here on Twitter, is one of the leading real estate developers in Brazil, having just completed an 11,322 sq.m. luxury community on the west side of Rio de Janeiro, its first residential project in three years.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimento’s new project is the first new residential development to in the west side in several years, with the addition of a new subway station making the area a more attractive commuting option, and they’ve commented on what that’s accomplished so far. Their recent luxury aparthotel project in Lapa, a gentrifying neighborhood in Rio famous for culture and nightlife, recently sold out as well.  A more detailed description of their development history can be found on LinkedIn.

Despite economic struggles in the country overall, the real estate sector benefits from some specific advantages. Mortgage debt in Brazil is low and the growing Brazilian middle class views property ownership as a hedge against inflation. Growth may be slowing, but Brazilian real estate companies such as BHG continue to thrive on the growth of the middle class in 2nd and 3rd-tier Brazilian cities, which have grown rapidly on the heels of economic expansion, a trend which is bound to continue as the economy recovers.