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2016 New Years Resolution for Dating and Lifestyle

Skout has released a survey for New Years which has revealed the trends that kick off 2016. There is also an idea on how friends can be helpful in getting people to stick to their resolutions. More than 3,000 people have been surveyed in order to figure out the new year resolution trends. They have found that friends can be very helpful for better years. This is actually a finding that is not very surprising. After all, friends can really improve life for people that have them. Among the resolutions that people have that friends could help with is dieting, saving money, getting a better job, living a more active lifestyle and other options.

Skout itself is very helpful when it comes to meeting people and making friends. Skout has started as a social network that helps people meet others in order to grow their social circle. However, many people have used it for setting up dates. So Skout has revamped its site as a social network that could be used for finding dates. Skout is actually one of the social networks that is making a huge difference in people’s lives. While other networks allow you to make friends online, Skout encourages people to meet their friends.

Skout shines when it comes to people who are on the go. With the feature called Fuse, it allows people to send a “fuse”. A fuse is a message that will disappear automatically within 10 minutes. Even then, a “fuse” is helpful when it comes to sending reminders. One thing about Fuse is that it does not allow friends to defriend. At the same time, it does allow users a chance to opt out of a group. Skout has grown very quickly when it comes to its user base at about 1.5 million users every month. Skout has attained profitability. One thing that makes them profitable is that they are willing to take feedback form their users and get a feel for how they think so that they can adjust their service based on what they find.

Skout has shown that friendship is actually very important to a good life. This is not just online friendships. This is friendships with people that meet personally. Nikki Castellanos has concluded that there are a multitude of ways that friends could improve someone’s life. Skout has conducted the survey on November 2015 for members of the social network.