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Workville NYC Offers Luxury Accommodations for Their New York Shared Office Space


It comes as no surprise that most people perform better when placed in a social environment. This was shown to be true in a recent article that detailed how people applied themselves more to their job when working in a shared office space. The ability to work side-by-side with others helps create a professional atmosphere more conducive to completing projects. The article highlighted the main benefits people received when working in a shared space. One of the more surprising benefits people mentioned having was an elevated sense of purposefulness. People who would have normally worked independently of others found more meaning in the work they completed when surrounded by their peers.

Independent workers who chose to work in shared office spaces also found they enjoyed the professional atmosphere of being in an office setting without having to deal with all of the office politics. People in this type of work environment found they were better able to reach out to one another for help. They also felt they had more control over the job they were completing when working in a shared environment.


Luxury Offices with Magnificent Views

Workville New York shared office space not only provides working environments for people who want to experience co-working in a shared office space, but they also provide the utmost in comfort. Located within a five minute walk to area restaurants, theaters and shopping, these luxury offices can be found in the heart of Manhattan. Large windows, spacious interiors and modern lighting makes the office space bright and cheerful. The buildings also offer three outdoor terraces with magnificent views of the surrounding city. All of the shared office spaces are fully equipped with contemporary furnishings featuring comfortable seating.

The luxury co-working spaces available through Workville NYC can be leased by the hour, day, week or month. The flexible leasing plans allow people to maintain a work space for the duration of their project. With their 24-hour open door policy they also offer clients the ability to come and go as needed. Each office area has a kitchen style cafe as well as a furnished lounge for those individuals who enjoy socializing with their peers. Additional luxury amenities include fully serviced printers, a daily postal service, a cleaning service and a high-speed Internet service.

Homejoy’s Woes are Handy’s Gain

There is very little joy in the offices of Homejoy. The company sought to become a kingpin in the world of home cleaning and maintenance services. The way the company was set up to work was very simple. Through Homejoy, people could hire professionals for cleaning and other home-related tasks. Homejoy thought it was tapping into a lucrative market. The company’s backing was very sound. Things, however, did not work out. Homejoy has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The enterprise’s future is very much in question.

The company did raise eyebrows with a funny advertising campaign featuring Baywatch and Knight Rider TV icon David Hasselhoff in some truly funny commercials. More helpful than the commercials was the massive amount of startup funding raised for the company. A truly huge backer was part of the mix. Google Ventures along with First Round Capital were the heavy hitters contributing to the $30+ million in funding.

Things started to look fine for the company. Homejoy established operations in five countries and also began expanding the services it provided. And then trouble started.

Lawsuits did factor into the company’s woes. At the core of the legal contentions was the “independent contractors” hired by Homejoy should be classified as employees. The amount of money that the company would be forced to pay out if reclassifications were put in place could render the business insolvent.

This would come on the heels of the inconvenient fact that the company’s revenue coffers were starting to run a little thin. Business just was not as good as it could have been.

Likely, competition from Handy has hurt Homejoy. Handy has made a lot of headlines┬áin its publicly stated desire to “become the Uber of home services and maintenance.” The way Handy works is simple. An app is installed on a mobile device and freelancers can be searched for, hired, and paid via the app.

Handy has grown quite a bit in a relatively short period of time. Tens of millions of dollars have been raised with the goal of doubling the number of cities Handy services will be offered. Look for the company to be a giant in the industry soon.

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